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Your First Visit to Our Birmingham Practice

front desk staff welcoming patient

You’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff and have all your questions answered.

On your exciting first day, you will be greeted at the front desk by our smiling receptionist.

After brief paperwork is filled out, you’ll watch an informative seven minute welcoming DVD about chiropractic, our philosophy and our approach to regaining your health.

Once completed, you will sit down for a detailed consultation with Dr. Bailey. This is where the discovery of your current condition, past medical history, future health goals and any concerns are revealed. Once both parties are clear, we proceed forward with chiropractic examinations.

Several surface tests are performed to evaluate the integrity of your nervous system, muscular system and spinal alignment. Determining if subluxations are present is the main focus. All findings will be explained and correlated to your condition on the following visit to assist in understanding why you are where you are at with your health. But the first day is about getting all of the diagnostic work done in the most efficient manner possible.

Finally, financials are discussed prior to taking x-rays of your spine. Before leaving, your next follow up appointment will be made to discuss the findings and the course of your care.

Click here to learn what you can expect on your second visit.

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