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Your Second Visit to Our Birmingham Practice

Birmingham Chiropractor : Your Visits

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

On your second visit, you will receive a complete detailed report of our findings. We encourage concerned spouses to attend for this important discussion.

Upon arriving, you and your spouse will be escorted into our Report of Findings room where your x-rays will be on display. You will watch a brief second day video discussing key points of your visit and normal findings on x-rays. This video shows pictures of normal x-rays and the importance of ensuring that your spine is as close to normal as possible. The time with the doctor gives you an opportunity to discuss and compare with your x-rays in private. Four key concerns or questions are answered.

  • First, can chiropractic help you?
  • Second, what is wrong and to what degree?
  • Thirdly, how long will it take? and
  • Lastly, how much will it cost?

Any home recommendations are discussed in addition to any questions. Once completed, we proceed forward with care and you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment! The 1st and 2nd visits are the longest visits that you will have in office, from now on your visits will only consist of an adjustment or re-scan on re-examination days (every 12 visits).

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